Texas Breast Density Bill Signed by Governor Perry

Texas Breast Density Notification Law (Henda's Law) Effective Sept. 1, 2011  

Texas joins Connecticut to inform women of their breast density

As of September, 2011 Texas will join the state of Connecticut and give women information about their breast density for the Early Detection of Breast Cancer. Henda's Bill signed by Governor Perry on June 17, 2011. 

It took ONE Woman - one later stage diagnosis - one woman who was faithful in her yearly mammograms and had her breast cancer found within months of a "normal" mammogram. That was the first time that Henda was told that she had dense breast tissue - and that mammograms are limited in finding cancer in women with dense breast tissue. When her radiologist told Henda about the state of Connecticut just passing a bill (June, 2009) to inform a woman of her breast density, Henda knew that she must ensure that Texan women receive this critical information about their breast health. 


Women in other states are following Connecticut's lead and working with their legislators on a breast density inform bill. Why is information about a woman's dense breast tissue not shared with her UNTIL she hears the dreaded news of her cancer, not found on mammogram, and in a later stage because of her dense breast tissue?


A woman's zip code should not be the determinant factor as to whether she has access to an Early Diagnosis - and a greater likelihood of living a full life. 


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